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How it started
While working on a personal project in 2013, it appeared to Camille that what she was doing, could be a great start for a creative photography kid workshop. She was indeed searching a way to photograph small objects, like miniature toys, with intimate lights and vintage postcards for the backgrounds. Both the image on the postcard and the toy thus complete another picture where the distance and proportions issues are questioned.

What is it about
Kidlightbox is a simple and funny way to show the kids how a still life photograph is created, how we can play with the materials to tell a story. Being offered the opportunity to choose his/her decor and objects, the child's creativity is stimulated. He/she is encouraged to take things and try them out until the picture reveals what he/she wants to show or tell.
Strongly creative rather than technical, Kidlightbox bases its process on what kids like the most: play and invent stories.

Is the dinosaur really going to attack the tourists by the river? How it works
May we have 1 session (1H30) or 2, or 3, the children first learn how to make a mini studio in a cardboard box (we use the tissue square box, Kleenex or Lotus for example). We love upcycling! (Many things do not deserve to be thrown away before we asked ourselves are they REALLY useless?)
Once the box is made, the light comes in, and the magic can begin!
According to the time we have and the number of sessions, we make short or long stories, we use Kidlightbox's toys or kids' ones, we make complex decor or stick to postcards for the background.

The basics of set design and lighting are given to the little attendees, along with the manual control of the framing.
Finally, Kidlightbox is an extension of Camille's serie Toys.

Who can attend
The workshop is designed for a group of 6 kids, aged 6 to 10. If possible, groups are made accordingly to the age.
Kidlightbox provides the attendees a time of creativity, and like any other artistic activity, it implies focusing and patience.

Still life photography can get really challenging sometimes: the object does not stand like we want, the background keeps falling, the colors do not match and finally the whole picture does not show what we want. Our focusing, patience, and perseverance skills are strongly tested.

No specific technical skills are required.

Camille has been running this workshop since 2013, in public schools, art centers,
libraries, private places or parties. She speaks french, english, and  basic mandarin.

Kidlightbox's blog: http://kidlightbox.tumblr.com/

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