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Brighton, Paris, Lyon, Beijing

Causette magazine, M magazine,  Vision Magazine, Editions Philippe Picquier, Magazine Impur, ..

I was born in France in 1974. I am a  photographer and a collage artist. I now live and work in Hong Kong.

I did not go to a photography school or any art school, though I've always wanted to be an artist.
Instead, I studied foreign languages (english and chinese) along with the new technologies, and worked 12 years in public relations (food & beverage specialized), 4 years in China.

In January 2009, I decided it was time to follow my first dream seriously, and became a full-time freelance photographer.
Being strongly inspired by nature, colors, fabrics, patterns, illustrations, fashion magazines, daily things, but also childhood, movies, music, words,.. I can be equally inspired by a butcher paper or the glossy photography of a luxury ring.

I collect a lot of paper and packagings that I have the intuition I will do something with it one day. I love the slow process of artistic creation, from intuition to birth.

In 2013 I created  Kidlighbox®, a one-of-a-kind photography workshop dedicated to children, which I run in different places, public and private.

I am the co-founder of french artistic organization Le Grizzli Vert, which is dedicated to photography and mixed media art.

I live in Hong Hong since 2015 where I run a weekly photography & visual arts workshop at Montessori primary school.
Please get in touch via my contact page if you’d like to work together!

all photographs © Camille Levert 2005/2017